Why Aircon Servicing is Important

Maybe you have ever experienced that the Indoor air was not cold enough even though the fan speed of your air conditioner is in the fastest position. The closing of the air filter is one of the causes. The dirty filter causes the circulating air to be inhibited by the presence of impurities that seal the holes in the filter. If it turns out the air filter is not dirty, it could be because of other damage. That is why it is the importance of the aircon servicing for an air conditioner.

The dangers of the air conditioner, if it is not serviced, will certainly burden the air-conditioner itself. At times like that, the dirt will burden the performance of motor fan in the indoor unit. Of course, the indoor unit will force work harder and even stronger. So, that will reduce the life of the component itself. There will also be a larger additional cost if not often serviced. One of them is the increasing amount of electricity costs.