When your indoor AC lives but the one outside is dead

Such cases are most common in the field, this time we will share the steps to overcome the non-cold AC like this. But before we go, you can check www.airconservicingsingapore.com/ to get a professional AC repair.

1 # Check Mode On Remote Control

Make sure the mode on the remote is in the asterisk (*) or Cool position. Never in Dry mode, because in this mode only to turn on the FAN motor alone and the Outdoor unit does not get electric current, whereas if in star (*) or cool mode is to turn on FAN fan and also compressor machine.

2 # Check the AC Thermistor in the Indoor unit

The setting of the remote control mode is correct, but the outdoor unit is not alive. Now check my buddy on the AC Thermistor, does it work fine. This tool serves as an automatic so that the compressor can standby after the room temperature reaches the temperature in accordance with our settings on the remote.

3 # Check AC Capacitor on the Outdoor unit

Problems like this are usually marked with live outdoor, but only the fan is spinning. Usually, this happens damage to the capacitor, with the mark there is a lump on the top capacitor.