Tips on Caring Leather Bags

Leather material is one of the mainstay material in bag making process in the bag supplier. bag supplier  Both genuine leather and synthetic leather, both can produce different models of a cool and special bag. It would be a pity if your bag is peeling and you can not use it again. So that this does not happen to you, do some simple ways to make your favorite leather bag so durable.

– Keep away from Sunshine and Water

Exposure to sunlight and water splashes apparently can make the texture of leather bags become quickly damaged. Sunlight can make the color of the leather bag becomes faded and the texture becomes easily random. While splashing water can actually make a leather bag so vulnerable overgrown with mushrooms.

– Cleaning Food Stains on Leather Bags

Food or blood stains on leather bags do make the appearance of the bag so less interesting. To fix this, you can use white chalk powder. Sprinkle the powder on the surface of the leather bag and let stand for the night. In the morning, you can clean the rest of the chalk by using a special leather cleaning fluid.