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Acquainted With Stroke

Stroke, which is one of the cerebrovascular disease (CVD), is one of the most common emergency neurologic conditions in the field of neurology, which requires rapid and appropriate treatment. The incidence of stroke in developed countries tends to decline due to successful primary prevention efforts especially in the prevention of hypertension. However, in developing countries, this incident actually increased due to the influence of urbanization, lifestyle changes, and increasing life expectancy. The incidence of stroke in urban areas in Indonesia is estimated to be 5 times greater than incidents in rural areas. Stroke is a major problem in public health, ranked as the top three cause of death in most countries. Stroke affects 500,000 people annually, resulting in 150,000 deaths. Stroke is a major cause of disability in adults. Lots of myths are circulating and not all can be given an explanation, it’s good to prevent a bad thing, you can consume nitric oxide as additional nutrients.

Disorders of acute neurological dysfunction caused by circulatory disorders, and occur suddenly (within seconds) or at least rapidly (within a few hours) with symptoms and signs corresponding to the disturbed brain focal area. Broadly speaking, stroke can be classified into ischemic stroke/infarction (blockage in the blood vessels of the brain), stroke bleeding. There are several symptoms of stroke that are usually experienced by the patient, among others Decreased consciousness (the patient becomes noticeably drowsy or unconscious), severe headache, vomiting, seizures, motor disorders (weakness of the limb), sensory disturbance (numbness or tingling of the limbs ).