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Synthetic ice rink solution for ice skating sport in summer

People still see ice skating as one of the means of recreation. The reason, all the ice skating arena in synthetic ice rink is in the shopping center. No wonder if many people still consider synthetic ice rink ice skating as an alternative place of entertainment. The ice on this synthetic ice rink is made by a chiller machine. According to people, it took about two days to three days to make a block of ice in this arena. However, before ice is frozen, the floor should be coated with anti-water ingredients to prevent leakage.

In addition, the mall that serve synthetic ice rink arena is also still limited. In fact, arguably, the existence of this arena is still centered in the malls scattered in the capital. Synthetic ice rink managing the ice skating arena can be an exciting business opportunity. Competition is still loose. The area of ??Bx Rink arena reaches 1380 m2. Operating hours are the same as the operational hours of the mall, starting at 10:00 to 22:00. As for the number of visitors reached 150 people-300 people on weekdays and doubled over the weekend. Meanwhile, the price is to take care of synthetic ice rink is difference.