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Not Just Green, It Turns Seaweed Got Some Other Colors

Seaweed turned out to have a different color. Different colors in seaweed also turned out to affect the content in the seaweed. Now, seaweed is widely used in food and medicinal content. Drugs containing seaweed can be found at www.fucoidanforce.com there you can also find out why to consume seaweed is important for health. In addition to the drug content, seaweed is also found in the content of foods and beverages that we often encounter.

• Red seaweed. This seaweed is also often called Rhodophyta. The red color present in this species is caused by many ficoeritrin pigments compared to other pigments such as chlorophyll or carotenoids. Red seaweed is also divided into two groups, namely red seaweed containing B carotene and zeaxanthin and red seaweed containing a carotene and lutein.

• Brown seaweed. This type of seaweed is also often referred to as Phaeophyta. It has also become one of the types of seaweed that has the largest number of species. This type of seaweed can reach the size of 30 meters. This seaweed contains some dominant carotenoid types, such as fucoxanthin, b carotene, and violaxanthin. Various foods in Japan usually use this type of seaweed.

• Gold seaweed. The gold color of this seaweed comes from the dominant carotenoid content in chloroplasts so the color of chlorophyll is not very visible. Types of pigments present in this type of seaweed such as chlorophyll, b carotene, and carotenoid diadinoxanthin.