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Autoimmune Disease Women

The types of autoimmune diseases indicate the large variety of systemic diseases that are chronic and affect the whole body metabolism. This chaos occurs when the immune system that is supposed to fight the disease from outside involves attacking itself. Surprisingly, this disease more attacking women of productive age. Not a single medical science can know what causes the chaos of this immune system. This factor is different from one patient to another. The danger, this autoimmune disease can cause damage to tissue cells in the body and cause inflammation and lead to serious conditions in the sufferer. Such as disorders of the joints, nerves, glands and other important organs. Use www.somanindonesia.co.id/product/khasiat-soman to get efficacy against your autoimmune disease prevention.

Until now the autoimmune disease is a disease that can not be prevented. However, that does not mean the disease can not be controlled. If you find symptoms of this autoimmune disease, then to control it you should be in specialist care. Symptoms are felt by the patient can be mild, can also severe depending on the condition of the body. Sometimes the body experiences very severe conditions or flares. But it can also look better, this condition is called remission. Although the autoimmune disease is a rare and unique disease, there are a number of similar symptoms that people feel. Such as fatigue/fatigue, dizziness, and mild fever.