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Hajj and Umrah Agent

Perhaps, many of you consider the services provided online on some websites recently, such as those offered through www.hajjandumrah.com/umrah-packages. However, the experience of Hajj and Umrah is a challenge for every Muslim, especially for those who are the first time to live it. There are several things that must be considered for the pilgrimage and Umrah we can go according to plan.

When looking for the right service provider, will you also focus on the customer service quality? Yes, you can pay attention to how the service provider itself serves the consumer. Bad travel agents usually do not care about anything except transactions. While good travel agents usually serve consumers with full attention and understanding, they hear and answer questions as desired by consumers. Also, don’t forget to note whether they have a strong network with the tourism industry. Good travel and haj pilgrims usually have associations with other tourism industry such as airlines, hotel chains to car rental companies. It shows the credibility of the agent.