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Romantic Place in South Tangerang

For those of you, who are dating, spend a week full of your activities for the weekend. Try occasionally venturing into other places that unexpectedly cool and comfortable too. One of them can be found in South Tangerang. For more information, you can also visit tangselone.com website.

Out of that, here are some romantic places in South Tangerang!

1. Clique Kitchen & Bar
This place has 4 different atmospheres on each floor. If you are romantic courtship type, then you have to step foot to the second floor. The interior and the food create a romantic atmosphere. But if you are the type of courtship that exclaimed, stay up to the 3rd floor where there is a cool bar to hang out at night.

2. Turning Point, North Serpong
From the first entry wrote, you will be greeted the same comfortable and clean atmosphere of the minimalist interior. After that, all you have to do here is the dessert. You have to try Chocolate Soufflé. Pie with a thick brown taste, same melamine caramel sensation, eat it while bribing.

3. 6-Degrees Pinang
The typical interior of this place is the color of wood and black and its unique design. It is suitable for the update on Instagram or Snapchat. Do not forget to try Gennera Mocha. Mocha mixed with the oranges flavor that makes it fresh and still friendly on the tongue.