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Natural Beauty under the Sea of Raja Ampat

No wonder if Indonesia is a world-class underwater paradise world. Besides the nature of Bali, Indonesia also has many beautiful places such as in Raja Ampat. Therefore, it is not wrong if the people of Indonesia, especially the people of Papua in Raja Ampat are very guarding the Lau ecosystem in Raja Ampat, as you can see in this article https://www.kompasiana.com/losnito/5a23789859b1300e3b298a62/warga-aborek-raja-ampat-jaga-laut-bebas-sampah.

Raja Ampat is a name given by locals to 4 large islands located in the west part of the bird’s head (vogelkoop) of Papua island. The four islands are Waigeo, salawati, batanta and misool. The beauty of the underwater world in the king of amputas includes 1 in 10 waters of the world for the best diving spots. This is because in the waters of the king of ampat there are more than 540 species of hard coral, making 75% of corals worldwide are in the underwater king of amphibians. Not only that, 1511 species of fish and 700 species of mollusk become the inhabitants of the underwater nature in the king of ampat.

Dive under the beauty of the underwater king ampat, my friend will explore the vertical underwater wall with the ocean currents oscillate. Mantaray and wobbegong will welcome your friend. Even some species of fish such as snapper, tuna, barracuda will become loyal friends when you are enjoying the natural beauty of the underwater king of the amphitheater.