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Understanding of A toothache

A toothache is a condition when there is a pain in or around the teeth and jaw. The severity of the pain may vary, from mild to severe. The pain of a toothache can be felt continuously throughout the day or may appear and disappear repeatedly uncertainly. Often the pain of a toothache worsens when the patient eats or drinks (especially hot or cold food or drink) and when the patient lies down at night.

When a toothache occurs, the jaw region adjacent to the infected tooth will also feel pain and palpable soft. Sometimes pain sources are difficult to distinguish. An example is a pain that comes from the ear in cases of lower molar infections and pain that come from the sinus tract (the air space behind the cheekbones and forehead) in cases of upper molar infections. If you experience this incident, you can visit dentist marietta and get treatment to cure your toothache.

In addition to pain, other symptoms of a toothache are:

– Swelling around the infected tooth.
– Dizzy.
– Flavor and odor of infected teeth.
– Fever.