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Let’s Know The History Of Electric Pulses!

Communication through mobile phones has been done by many people since a few years ago. But now its development is very fast. In the past people did not need internet packages, so they just rely on the pulse of the phone. But now pulse function is replaced by Internet packet activation. Even now even you can tukar pulsa jadi uang through our website.

Talking about pulses, since 2002 after the first electrical pulse product launched by one provider then immediately spread to all regions of Indonesia. Types of friction pulses began to be abandoned for being impractical and seemingly more expensive. From there gradually the pulse distributor along with all the compact operators reduce the frictional pulse stock regularly. Sales of physical or card voucher shaped still survive until 2005 an, then replaced using electrical pulses.

System changes from physical to electric pulses indeed we could see where every counter in the past displaying various kinds of vouchers with a certain nominal, is currently very different where the prime card into a single product displayed in the storefront. One-chip all operator system also provides convenience to mobile users where all the transaction pulses from various operators can be processed using a single phone only. So when we look at the practical side, electrical pulses are more reliable.