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Signs when your heart is in trouble

The heart is the center of the blood circulation that connects the vessels of one with the other vessels and is always associated with the entire tissue that is in the body. If the heart is not pulsating then there is no longer living. Therefore keep it, take care and maintain heart health to stay strong and always be in the best condition. Aside from that, you can also visit https://www.nitrosolution.com/ to find a great supplement for your heart health.

The cause of the heart is disturbed

Smoking habit

Due to obesity that makes fat blocking the work of the heart

Eating unhealthy foods

Never exercise

Never meditation

Sleeping irregularly

Heavy activity that is not adequately water-balanced

Excessive stress

The habit of drinking alcohol

Consume certain drugs

Characteristic features of early symptoms of the emergence of heart disease are:

The body is easily tired and sleepy

Out of breath

Appetite is gone

Feeling nauseated due to enlargement

(swelling of the abdomen)

Excessive anxiety

Feeling the heartbeat is too slow or too fast

Surprised easily, causing irregular heartbeats

Feeling pain in shoulder, waist, and neck

Very painful pain in the left and right hands

Suffered a headache suddenly when exposed to sunlight

Feel the pain and pressure in the chest

Swelling in the legs occurs due to deposition of fluid in the tissues of the body.

When relaxing does not do the activity precisely sweat attack with excessive