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Reasons why people create hoax news

Today, you can find a lot of fake news circulating around the internet berita tangsel . Some irresponsible people and news networks out there are willing to do everything they can in order to get as many views and followers on the internet. It’s obvious that there are some people who gain some profits by spreading the hoaxes. That’s why it’s a good idea to only subscribe to a trustworthy and legal news source on the internet, like berita tangsel.

They’ve got paid by some people

It’s true that some people, whether they’re dirty politicians or even mafia who rules the economy of a country will pay some bad mass media to spread hoaxes. Some of these hoaxes can either bring profits to them or simply to protect their reputation in the eyes of the public, or at the same time, to bring down the image of their rivals.

They just want to get subscribers

Some people will gain profits by having a lot of followers on social media. Then, after they’ve got at least hundreds of thousands of followers on their accounts, they will sell their social media accounts to some companies as marketing social media accounts.