Needs to Drinking Water Every Day

The human body is essentially composed of 80% water in infants, and 60% water in adults. This shows that the body desperately needs a lot of water content every day. Experts themselves recommend that in a day, we should consume drinking water at least 8 glasses in a day, with 200 ml glass sizes. that means our body must have mineral water intake as much as 1-2 liters per day. To get your own water, do not have to consume water only. Consuming foods that contain water can also help add fluids to the body like fruits. Similarly, drinking other types of drinks such as milk. To get the best benefits from water, you can use the best reverse osmosis system.

Here are some things that might happen if you are not drinking enough water:

– Hallucinations

Hallucinations are like seeing things, but the actual objects they see are not real. Hallucinations are one of the characteristics caused by lack of orientation, one of which is caused by the effects of water shortage. Hallucinations will greatly interfere with daily activities, especially if you need the power of concentration.

– Easy Drowsiness

One characteristic of people who drink less water is easy to be sleepy. Keep in mind, water and fluids function to keep the body fresh, so when not drinking water, then the body will not feel lost. Due to lack of drinking water, causing symptoms often sleepy yawning and eyes that look very tired.

– Throat Dry

While eating it will feel thirsty and need a drink. Drinking can make food consumed easier to swallow. Then it will facilitate digestion, which is passed to the intestine, then up to the stomach. Lack of drinking water will make your throat feel dry, and the next effect is inflammation of the throat.

– Dense urine

One common feature that is easy to detect when experiencing a lack of fluids is your urine is very dark color. If the normal urine, will be clear and yellow, but in people who drink less water will be dark yellow. It clearly shows that your body is experiencing a lack of fluids.