How To Clean Wooden Blind

When cleaning the parts of the house, one thing you should not miss is the window covering. If the selected window covering is an ordinary cloth curtain, washing it quite easily. But, it’s different if the one at home is wooden blinds singapore. Here’s how to clean it up.

– Clean the wooden skirt at least once a week using a soft cloth/sponge. Wipe/sponge first wetted with water and squeezed until no water drips. This is because the wood blinds will be easily damaged if often exposed to water. If applicable, use a special cleaner of oil containing oil.

– Close the wood blinds as a whole, with the position of each vertical slot (not lying down). If the slat is open, then when wiping will hit the blinds and make it easily damaged. After one side has been cleaned, turn the stick until the slot turns 180 °, then clean the back side. Clean it by wiping it slowly, do not press.