Home Insurance: What are the types of Home Insurance?

Most people will assume that the house is an asset and a huge achievement in their lives, this is certainly very reasonable, given the house obtained with a very long process and hard work over a long period of time. By looking at the facts above, it is natural you will always want all the best care and protection for your home. This will prevent you from experiencing some of the risks of loss that can come at times to the house because basically none of you can predict when a disaster will come. For that, you need a protection from the beginning, is by using home insurance. When you talk about protection, then you should always want the best protection you can get. This, of course, you do with the aim to minimize the risk of loss that may arise at any time in the future. Based on landlord insurance services provided, home insurance can be divided into two types, namely;

Property All Risk This is a type of unnamed perils fire insurance, which provides a guarantee against all risks incurred on property and / or insured interests, except the risks listed on the exceptions: war, terrorism, nuclear and radioactive; Delays, loss of market share or business interruption; Deliberate, dishonest employees: mechanical damage and boilers; Wear, corrosion, the nature of the goods themselves; Pollution or contamination. Second, Standard Fire Insurance Policy, This insurance is a standard policy issued by the General Insurance Association of Indonesia (AAUI) as a form of fire insurance services. The benefit of this property insurance product is to provide protection to insured property and/or interest directly caused by fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft crash, and smoke.