Apparently, It’s Grosser than Toilet!

Do you think the toilet thinks you’re dirty in the house? No, there are many other things around you that are dirtier than toilets. Here’s the review!

1. Carpets
Apparently, the bacteria contained in the carpet can reach 700 times compared to the toilet. Even if cleaned with a vacuum cleaner alone is not enough to kill the germs that are on the carpet. So it would be better if you routinely wash your favorite carpet in a reliable laundry as you can find at

2. Mobile
Surely mobile phones are already owned by everyone, even small children to adults. Especially if you have a habit of bringing the phone to the bathroom, your cell phone will contain more germs and bacteria. So do not ever bring your mobile phone to the bathroom, because of big enough risk.

3. Cutting board
This cutting board is definitely needed for housewives who are cooking for their daily needs. These cuttings are contaminated kitchen utensils 200 times more bacteria than bacteria in the toilet. If you do not want to nest the bacteria, how to clean it is very easy, ie wash the cutting board with detergent soap. Then soak with bleach, but do not soak overnight.